January 3rd

A hike!

After a little discussion, we drove to the Dunstable Downs. I had simply no idea there were Downs in Dunstable. Thought they were only in the South and Yorkshire.

Anyway, after 2.5 hours of this:


We ended up with a view like this:


along the Icknield Way, apparently one of the UK’s oldest known routes (approx 2000 years they said). It was windswept and muddy, and full of farmyard animals that’s for sure. But it was also rather beautiful.

We took the circular Whipsnade Route, taking you through Whipsnade and the Whipsnade Tree Cathedral. Built in 1931, its probably at its best when the trees actually have green on them – which was not today! The whole route was very clearly signposted, although it contains a few redundant stiles and kissing gates. Should you come across these, don’t feel obliged to walk through them, unlike some in our party today…