New Year’s Day 2013

Well, here I am.

Attempting to stick to Janathon very quietly. I havn’t told anyone, as I don’t want to look a fool when I can’t manage it. Self-employed musicians often have to drop everything at the drop of a hat, and can end up working for hours on end in a tiny studio or running between rehearsals and/or gigs if it’s a good month. So, we’ll see how it goes.

Why? After a year of ill-health and endless hospital outpatient, scans, pokes and appointments it is time to look after myself. Nothing serious, and I am still a spring chicken in the grand scheme of things. However, I am sufficiently old enough to be at a stage where things Start To Go Wrong. Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Heart Disease blah. Don’t want to be dealing with that shade of nonsense in my fifties and sixties. So, why not just try a little harder at being nicer to my body?

I’m certainly not giving up booze, cake, butter or red meat. Long ago I learnt that resolutions need to be positive, not negative. So I will just eat more fruit and veg. Drink more water. Exercise a little more. See my friends more. Sleep more. Knit more (more on that hopefully in future). Talk to new people a bit more. Read a little more. Go to the Theatre more. All of which will hopefully improve my stress levels and my general sense of well-being as well as improve my health, and possibly the well-being of the people around me…

So in the spirit of all things Janathon, here is the picture from Today’s walk. A little ramble around Greenwich Park at Sunset (got up at 1pm) with Canadian Boy. Cold, but pretty.