Jan 8th

Bikram yoga. Although I was shattered afterwards, I am not the sore-muscle-wreck I had expected to be this morning. Whoop. I’ve been practising this form of yoga on and off for a few years, and sometimes I’ll go just to lie in a really hot room (that isn’t a sauna).

The real bonus was the brief period of glorious but weak January sunshine to greet me at the end of class! apologies for the pic, I couldn’t really get one that didn’t look like we weren’t having a solar eclipse.

any hoo



5th Jan

Last day of Christmas. Boo. For a fitting end to the 12 days, my sister and I attended a performance of The Nutcracker at the Royal Opera House. Although the seats were stratospheric, it was impressive (and yes, for all you ballet heads out there, I know The Nutcracker is dull, godawful, tacky, blah but I LIKED IT).

I had a nightmare getting in because Transport for London had decreed that there should be No Transport in West London, and as a result I arrived after curtain up but they found me a dark corner on the balcony from which to watch the 1st act. 

Here’s the view from my favourite bridge as we walked to the Southbank for a very late lunch




Then a lovely wander around the city in the quiet evening, 


discovering lovely little alleys


and hidden churches…and some not so hidden…


Finally ending up in Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, which has been on its current premises since 1667, and still serves nice beer, has a fireplace and sawdust on the floor. 

Soz about the small photos – not sure why this is happening. 

January 4th

A short whizzer of a run, this.

Considering there was a 6 mile hike yesterday, my hip is complaining a little and I’m only 4 days into 31 days of consecutive exercise it seemed best to take it easy. And I got up late. Even including the time taken to do the photo, I was back indoors within 12 minutes.

Although a hard, balls-out, lung-busting threshold run can blow the cobwebs away, I’m not sure its one of my favourite things to do. Its firmly in the ‘this is only good when it stops’ category, along with intervals and hill training. Not sure I have a preference either.


PS after a Friday night out, I can confirm that St. Austell’s Tribute is still one of my favourite ales, The Balham Bowling Club is a rather lovely place and Jack Reacher is a RUBBISH film. Remind me never to buy a book.


GET ME!!!!

I’ve actually managed to finish a few things:

A Hemlock Ring Blanket:

Rowanspun chunky

A February Baby Sweater (rav link) (and if you don’t know what ravelry is, you and I clearly have nothing in common)

Rowan All Seasons Cotton

Rowan All Seasons Cotton

and Another:

Rowan Wool Cotton

A Baby Shedir

James C Brett merino DK


a Grr!

Sirdar Cotton DK

Do you know why? I would love to join next year’s sock club at socktopus but after having to go through the trauma of a recent move I discovered that I have waaaaaaaay too much yarn to justify that. It is almost entirely Rowan brand as I only recently discovered the joy of hand-painted yarn. In fact, I have so much of Rowan’s back catalogue it is now listed as a separate item on my contents insurance, along with my laptop, my PA and woodwinds! So, dear reader, I have joined the ravelry group stash knitdown of 2009 and will be knitting my way out of my little treasure trove and into a wardrobe of new socks for my little tootsies.

Now what next? My Hexagon Blanket is continuing, now that I’ve decided to graft-as-I-go. But that is long-term, heirloom knitting. Soo, I have started on my own FLS or February Lady Sweater, based on Mrs Zimmermann’s famous baby jacket as above. I’m doing mine in an old stash of rowan summer tweed – I discovered 13 skeins of the stuff. Jeez.

Based on previous performance, my usual tendency is to start many and finish none, but that seems to have changed recently. Am I growing up? Improving? Getting less manic? More Boring? Never….. Tune in next week Bat Fans, same Bat Time, same BAT CHANNEL!



Originally uploaded by Liz Swain

I am being driven round the bend by this lace shrug, named convertible. Go find it on Ravelry because I am too annoyed with it to link it properly.

I’ve already completely frogged it twice.