Ever been so excited about how close you are to finishing a pattern that you just have to keep going until the end?

It doesn’t happen to me very often, but its a little like reading a book you really love – most recently it was the last of the Northern Lights trilogy. Well anyway, I’ve recently started Ysolda’s  Gretel. I completely miscounted the tubular cast on and got 3/4 of the way through before realising I had to frog it back. Anyway, I cast on again a couple of days ago and basically stayed up until around 3am finishing it. Perhaps it was the challenges the hat had to offer – learning how to cable without a third needle, a tubular cast on blah blah. It made me realise that the reason I stop halfway through so many projects is because they aren’t challenging enough, or perhaps, interesting enough. There simply isn’t enough reward in continuing. Its also made me wonder if that applies in other areas of my life. Anyway, has anyone else had the same problem or found the same solution? Has anyone found a different solution?


How did it get so bad?

There comes a point in every knitters life when it is time to deal with that wool stash and tonight was that night. Jeez. I inevitably got the scissors out at one point, but didn’t have to cut too much. Wool stash

What a nightmare


Well I had planned to finish my glitzy tie today. But another singer friend of mine got a very big break today so I’ve been on the pink gins instead…

forgive me! will probably try a little lacy something or other later whilst I watch CSI but to be honest I’ll probably end up with a load of knots considering the amount of gin and angostura bitters swilling about inside me. However, I have managed to make millionaire’s shortbread in time for a hands-on singing event for children tomorrow.

until then! If I have anything to post tonight I will