Projects In Progress

Well, I promised pictures.

here’s that tie I was chatting about:


doh! its actually on 3.5mm needles… I’ll probably line it with some hair canvas and then some suit lining. Incidentally that fabric is left over from a high-waisted skirt I made up for a Cornish wedding last October. I’d forgotten I still had it. I ran out of time to make the matching capelet so made do with something I already had. You can see the skirt in this photo, along with a jacket made from a vintage vogue pattern (can you see a retro theme emerging here?).


I also bought a ball of Debbie Bliss’s silk something-or-other just because I loved it. I sat looking at it for quite a while though, utterly stumped as to what to do with it. In the end I resurrected my crochet skills and swatched up a square of Venetian Lace. It’s supposed to be one quarter of a choker using a pattern from Vintage Stitch-O-Rama but something odd has happened with my tension (ie. I need more practice). Its doubtful it’ll get sorted out anytime soon, but never mind.


I was also tidying out my wool stash – how did it get so big? – and found a whole pile of these sitting at the bottom:


Bonkers. I did these at least 10 years ago from some kind of Harmony Guide for crochet stitches. I was definitely still in school – it brought back a whole load of crafting memories from a completely different decade. Century even. Anyway, they’d make a great blanket or bedspread, or even a tablecloth (or a curtain perhaps) once sewn together although there’ll need to be a few more. But now the venetian lace has jogged my memory it shouldn’t be too hard to recreate without a pattern. Maybe I’ll post it if I get around to doing it.

So now I’m all caught up on myself. Considering my rabid knitting, its been helpful to stop and take stock of my unfinished works. They all seem to feed off each other, but sadly I don’t have enough hands to work on them all at the same time. Man, you should see me knitting away on the train to work! The other commuters don’t seem to mind but then again it takes a lot to make a London commuter flinch…

Until next time folks

ps, anyone got any tips for how to store circular needles neatly? I used to use straight-pins but have recently switched and I’m not sure what to do with them all. Hooks in the door? ribbons to tie them together?