Say the above a few thousand times until you’ve picked up the west country accent.

Cadgwith flowers

I am having withdrawal symptoms. Cornwall is so beautiful, I’m always sad to leave. I disappeared down that way last Friday to visit a veterinary friend of mine for a couple of days. She lives near the Duchy College (ie, land owned by the Prince of Wales) and horses graze in the field behind her house. Its that kind of place. It makes me want to eat seafood, and walk along cliffs and swim in rock pools and listen to Seth Lakeman and eat cream teas. I always return refreshed, excited and feeling like I can conquer anything if I could just bottle up that little corner of the UK and smell it whenever I felt anxious.

You really should go, even if it is a 4-5 hour drive away. I’m not given to wishy-washy-luvvie-wuvvie descriptions of anything, but as you can tell, I’m a little self-indulgent when it comes to this particular subject. This time we drove down the A30 to the Lizard and ended up firstly in Cadgwith and ate freshly-caught crab sandwiches, and then in a place called Mullion Cove and ate freshly caught cream teas. It used to be part of the sardine fishing industry at the turn of the century, and although it remains a fishing port it is all done on a very small-scale these days.


My finger is recovering quite quickly now, so normal crafting services will resume shortly.

I promise!