GET ME!!!!

I’ve actually managed to finish a few things:

A Hemlock Ring Blanket:

Rowanspun chunky

A February Baby Sweater (rav link) (and if you don’t know what ravelry is, you and I clearly have nothing in common)

Rowan All Seasons Cotton

Rowan All Seasons Cotton

and Another:

Rowan Wool Cotton

A Baby Shedir

James C Brett merino DK


a Grr!

Sirdar Cotton DK

Do you know why? I would love to join next year’s sock club at socktopus but after having to go through the trauma of a recent move I discovered that I have waaaaaaaay too much yarn to justify that. It is almost entirely Rowan brand as I only recently discovered the joy of hand-painted yarn. In fact, I have so much of Rowan’s back catalogue it is now listed as a separate item on my contents insurance, along with my laptop, my PA and woodwinds! So, dear reader, I have joined the ravelry group stash knitdown of 2009 and will be knitting my way out of my little treasure trove and into a wardrobe of new socks for my little tootsies.

Now what next? My Hexagon Blanket is continuing, now that I’ve decided to graft-as-I-go. But that is long-term, heirloom knitting. Soo, I have started on my own FLS or February Lady Sweater, based on Mrs Zimmermann’s famous baby jacket as above. I’m doing mine in an old stash of rowan summer tweed – I discovered 13 skeins of the stuff. Jeez.

Based on previous performance, my usual tendency is to start many and finish none, but that seems to have changed recently. Am I growing up? Improving? Getting less manic? More Boring? Never….. Tune in next week Bat Fans, same Bat Time, same BAT CHANNEL!