Every day, in every way, I’m getting better

At least, that is what Frank said that his mother always told him.

It would seem my colourwork has been improving. my first attempt at a properly stranded, in-the-round item was Eunny Jang’s Endpaper Mittens in October 2007. At first i found holding yarn in my left hand a real problem, especially as I was knitting English style in my right and continental in the left. It felt less awkward eventually and I even went on to knit a pair for my sister afterwards.

Eunny’s pattern is great and I wore the mittens most of that winter. I started to wear them this winter (just gone. Going? still here? who knows?) and took them on tour to Germany for a few days. In fact, I am almost certain they made it to most of the Blackforest and back, but for some reason they preferred Terminal 5 to my house, and only one came home :0(

So eventually I started and finished the replacement in February. Woo! my FO rate is improving. And so is my stranded knitting.

So much so, that my gague is looser! *(#&*($&*@(#$! (the newer, more annoying one is on top)

its actually far too loose although I didn’t notice it until I had done the thumb gusset and was past the point of no return. There is one less pattern repeat between the thumb and the ribbing to make sure they ended up roughly the same length. The pragmatic angel on my shoulder says, ‘its fine, they work, the untrained eye will never see the difference, they are mittens of gorgeous lovelyness’. But the perfectionist Devil on the other says ‘Madwoman, re-knit it to match AT ONCE!! before it drives you insane with its un-matchyness!’

What would you do?


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