So, I’m Back!

Knitted Hexagon Blanket

Hopefully not to any great trumpets or fanfares… This is purely for me. To keep a record of all the things I’m doing. I’ve been rubbish the last year or so, for various reasons, life just exploded on me. And Ravelry of course affected all things knitting, so I never really got round to posting anything on this page.

Anyway, my knitting has gathered pace: I’ve started to get into the swing of finishing projects, mostly because they’re intended as presents for people. I’ll post pictures of new stuff later, but for the time being I want to upload my current project, the real reason why I’m posting again…

Blue knitted hexagon

That’s right. I’m being highly original and knitting myself a blanket.

I’m using up mostly any DK I’ve got in my stash, but most 4ply held double works if I use the right needle. I’m finding it peculiarly satisfying, I’ve noticed the urge to nest recently. Not sure why, maybe just a part of growing up, or even growing down as some people would put it.

There is something restful about having a project to return to, something that is always there to provide interest. Its particularly nice because as I include new hexagons, each different yarn reflects a different story or episode. So the blue you can see here is from my first foray into designing – the remains of some top-down baby hats I knitted at Christmas (in RYC DK merino), often a bit fuzzy after something fizzy.

Pink knitted hexagon

The pink is from my first ball of Manos Del Uruguay from my favourite LYS, and I have very fond memories of it: Boxing Day 2008 I sat with some friends from New Zealand watching a NZ flick and some pavlova (very Kiwi dessert, so they tell me), knitting myself a scarflette.

Green knitted hexagon

The green is some Cascade 220 from Loop, and was purchased to make a present for a new, very dear friend and his daughter.

So this blanket is probably going to take me most of this year (can’t see that i would want to knit a wool blanket in the Summer) but will hopefully be a labour of love. I’ll post pictures periodically to keep up my interest and motivate me to finish, and I will do my best to tell the stories that fit each shape…

Knitted Hexagon Blanket