I’m sick.

With a chest infection and some kind of sinus problem. Its my own fault, I shouldn’t have started training for a 10k race so soon after my cold, but I can’t change that now. Instead, I am taking it easy and am on a serious immune-boosting trip. So I’ve included a few recipes of what I’m dosing up on.

Melon, Orange and Lime smoothie
As well as being full of beta carotene, this is full of Vitamin C and the lime juice gives it a nice tang.

Shopping List
1 quarter Charentais melon
2 juicing oranges
juice of half a lime

Peel and chop the melon flesh. Juice one of the oranges. pare the Orange rind off the remaining orange using a knife. If you don’t want to use a knife then you can peel it with your fingers but make sure to remove all the white pith – it’ll taste bitter if you leave it in. Put the whole lot in a blender and blend until smooth.

Pancakes with summer berry sauce
yes yes, I realise this is not the healthiest recipe around but it is one of the most comforting and there is some fruit in it!

shopping list

Pancake batter:
50g flour
1 egg (make sure its at room temperature)
1/2 tbsp olive oil
1/4 pint of milk
(I used semi-skimmed as that’s what I had in the house but please don’t use skimmed, its like white water. Do you even realise how little fat there is in a pint of milk?)

Fruit sauce:
160g summer berries
2 tbsp caster sugar or to taste
1/2 tsp arrowroot
juice of one small orange (literally 2-3 tbsps)

Add the flour to a mixing bowl and crack in the egg. Whisk the egg into the flour and then add the olive oil*. You should have a sticky mess at this point. Add the milk little a little at a time, each time beating until the mixture is smooth. If you do it this way you will avoid a lumpy batter. Once all the milk has been added leave it to sit for about 20-30 minutes.

If you don’t have someone to help you eat this as you go then heat up the oven to the lowest temperature possible and stick in an ovenproof plate. When you’ve made one pancake, stick it on the warmed plate in the oven, and cover it with a sheet of baking paper to separate it from the next. Don’t use foil as it will make the pancake sweat.

Pour it in to a jug or use a ladle to help you cook the pancakes. Add a little oil to your pan – it only needs a little – and heat it until it is smoking. you can use butter but make sure you add a little oil to prevent the butter burning. You will only need a couple of tablespoons at a time in the pan, and make sure the batter distributes evenly around the pan when you do add it. After a minute or so, try jiggling the pan. If the pancake can be dislodged from the bottom, its ready to flip over. Give it a few seconds on the other side, slide it onto your heated plate and warm up some oil for the next pancake.

The Fruit sauce won’t take very long, so do this once your pancakes are cooked. Add all the ingredients (except the arrowroot) to the pan, and cook over a medium heat until slightly softened and the sugar has dissolved. It shouldn’t take more than about 5 minutes, but do taste the sauce to check the sugar level, and bear in mind you aren’t trying to make a fruit coulis. Take off the heat and add the arrowroot, mixing until it has disappeared completely.

Serve the pancakes with the warm sauce and some greek yoghurt, although creme fraiche and cream would work just as well.

* I’m sure a food chemist would tell me not to add the oil at this point but if you add it at the end after the milk, the oil sits on the top and mostly ends up in the first pancake, which defeats the point if you ask me… ———————————————————————————————————————————————-

I have done some knitting on a grey cardigan, but then realised I’d done it wrong so I undid it rapidly and havn’t found the energy to do anything with it.