so here’s the thing…

Lickety Split in progress

It wasn’t quite a cat that caused the mayhem of a couple of days ago. I was in the mood to knit something not-too-taxing and rather than go through the rigmarole of starting a new thing I decided to dig out an old project. Hence, the lickety split socks from the Knitty website.

Remembering they were probably in the ole wool stash I grabbed what I could see of it and pulled. It didn’t come out instantly and as I was tired didn’t stop to think that I should probably investigate further before pulling anymore. And thus, the mess was born. And, thanks Janabanana for the tip about the clear shoe hanger, I might try that one.

I’ve actually knitted the left sock already but as I’m in the house on my own at the moment I can’t get a decent enough picture of it on my foot. However, here are the toes of the right sock. You start knitting the big toe with an invisible cast on and then leave it to one side, then you start the rest of the toe and join the rest together. Anyway, knitting from the toe up means you can try it on as you go, making it easier to gague your size.

Well, I’ve got some last minute teaching that’s just rolled in so I have to head off and prepare.


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