Getting back in the swing of things

Its true I havn’t been crafting much recently, but that’s partly because my finger has only recently healed enough to let me and… well I’ve been lazy. I just lost the bug. Again. But after seeing ruby crowned kinglette’s site again, well. I’m all fired up. She’s got some fab ideas, and as always executed so beautifully.

I wish I could apply the same kind of principles to my music career. I’m doing my best to organise my time but today it hit me just how big that career-mountain is. Its daunting. There’s so much to practice, learn and execute and so little time, especially if I have to teach so much to make ends meet. I’m trying to ignore the bit of my brain that is freaking out, but just when I’m feeling serene a few drops of anxiety squeeze themselves out and tip me over the edge. I’m simply not capable of thinking of new crafty things, and the budget kicks in today so I’m going to concentrate on finishing some of my many projects.

I’m meeting the friend for whom the Glitzy Tie is intended in a couple of weeks so I’ll get on with that first. I need to finish the topstitching and then stitch it to the knitted piece. I’m finding it hard to keep the topstitching even, so perhaps I should switch to the sewing machine.  Hang on, I have to tidy up to get it out. *sigh*. Nothing is simple in this house


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