My Apologies

I had all but disappeared from the web for a while there. Sorry about that. It’s been too hectic to keep up, mostly because all my teaching started, my friends all moved house and needed help, and I left my job all in the same 3 weeks! I should be able to post a bit more regularly these days.

However, its all going OK I hope. I’m not going to tempt fate and assume I’ll be fine in September since being self-employed means you can’t count on any money until it arrives in your account… I’ll leave that train of thought there, so don’t anyone ask me how things are going!


I have had a little time to make a few things:

My First Mayonnaise (made with tarragon vinegar)

My First Mayonnaise

And some marshmallows… These were so much fun to make! In fact, I can’t believe I had so much fun. Perhaps if music doesn’t work out I should think about becoming a pastry chef. I reckon the hours are pretty similar and there’s always someone shouting at you so there’s nothing new there.

In fact, following my recent attempt to remove some of my finger whilst cooking I’m probably going to book myself on a short knife skills course at Leith’s catering college. It should be fun, although I do wonder whether cookery classes will become another hobby-addiction. I’ve been on a massive foodie trip recently, possibly my subconscious trying to distract me from the insanity that is quitting regular work. I’ve been re-reading all my Elizabeth David cookbooks and have recently discovered Jane Grigson too. I’d forgotten how many stories can be told through food. It can really say a lot about a people. Although I wonder what my current addiction to puddings really says about me.


But back to the point, it feels surprisingly normal to be totally self-employed, although I am suffering from low-level anxiety whenever I’m not occupied. So I try to stay busy. Tonight, I have a rare saturday night off. It should be spent practising and then watching DVDs after 9pm but we’ll see if it actually works out that way…

Well I should head off. I have to learn some hebrew for a batmitzvah tomorrow. I promise to post more often from now on!


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