hand finished

It would seem that knitting and crochet exacerbate my poor wounded finger so I have to find some other one-handed crafting activity.

SO I’ve started the lining/interlining for that glitzy tie I posted a few days ago. This tie has turned out to be a little more labour-intensive than i thought. Hmm. Maybe next time I’ll knock one up in a heavier yarn with a textured stitch. Anyway, I’ve used some more of that satin-back crepe from my knitting needle cases and just to stiffen it, I’ve also added a bit of iron-on hair canvas. It’ll have to be stitched by hand to the knitted piece. Just to make sure it all stays in place I’m putting a bit of visible hand-stitching on it (again, I’m sorry about the photo, I’m perplexed about its size):


I’ve got the time, and Miss Marple is on telly. Now that was a woman who knew how to knit!

On the cooking front, I’m mid-way through a 3-day sourdough rye loaf. I mixed a cup of rye flour with a cup of water last night and then added exactly the same thing again this morning. The idea is the dough mix picks up natural yeasts in the air (or something like that) and ferments itself. You then use this as a starter for the bread dough which I will knock up tomorrow, except its going to take ages! It has to be left for 3 hours to rise… If I’m lucky I might be finished in time for the repeats of Cagney & Lacey, I’ve found it perfect watching-whilst-crafting material, along with Diagnosis Murder and Midsomer Murders…not that I watch these things regularly… *blush*

Surely other people watch Detectives on telly whilst knitting?


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