Goof Friday

I say that because today, whilst being family-spirited (I volunteered to cook the fish for good friday this year) I ended up slicing the top of my finger off. Because I was close to fainting Dad ended up cooking dinner whilst I barked orders from inbetween my knees and all the while Mum the former surgical nurse bandaged me up. Mum remarked in her subtle way that we’ll always remember the first time she ate Monkfish. I’m now walking around like I stuck my finger into a tub of dairylea…

I apologise now for any spelling mistakes. I’m a touchtyper and am VERY frustrated that I am reduced to 9 digits.

Anyhoo, I went for a lovely walk along the Thames to Ham House in the spring sunshine this morning and was happy to see so many blossoming trees even if hayfever is early this year as a result. AND I managed to turn this :


into this:


Knitting Needle Cases! (let me know if you want instructions but they’re fairly straightforward) The one on the left is from an old curtain that hung in my Gran’s house in the 50’s. The fabric on the right is an Amy Butler print, the name escapes me. They’re both lined with some low-fi satin-back crepe I bought from E-bay a while back, and the ribbon I found whilst tidying my wool stash. I didn’t realise there is an entirely separate stash in one of the other bedrooms… I thought I could make this pom pom rug from ‘Craftivity’ with it. Its written by a woman called Tsia Carson, who runs the wonderful applied design website www. Go check it out.

Now to get hold of that book


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