My First Jumper!


Despite all the little projects I have knitted and all the garments I’ve started I have never actually finished a jumper. However, last September I was laid up with flu and finally had the time to finish it. Its a Rowan pattern and I LOVE it, although that probably has more to do with it being my first finished item than for its participation in my wardrobe.

Its knitted in Rowanspun 4 ply which was bought 50% off at a Liberty sale a couple of years ago. The colour is certainly bright, but it doesn’t look as bad over large surface area as I thought it might. And anyway, my darker colouring means it doesn’t look quite so dramatic.

Anyway, I suppose everyone has a first project they love. I wonder if I’ll feel nearly as attached to the next one?

ps I apologise for the quality of the photo – picture taking has never been my strong point